My mum always told me that, when I’ll be married, all my wounds will be cured. Now I am 29, have never thought of getting married, and am still and again living alone. As an individual I am confronting a job change, and now that I am alone; I think about taking one month off to do something that marks my life. Since I can. Since I can spend my energy on other things that are important to me and my life. 

I moved away from the thought that you need to like somebody from the first moment on if you want to be with him. If you ever cross my way, don’t give me a first look and then move away. Give me a second glance and go on a journey with me. 

If you decide to go with me, I will shift my energies back to you. As you will define my way. 

Since I can and I will. 


»god, i’m lonely (again)« (from the reminiscence series) by brendan george ko


»god, i’m lonely (again)« (from the reminiscence series) by brendan george ko



A Beautiful Cheat Sheet For Two Dozen Espresso-Based Drinks

Ugh. Just when you kinda sorta started to get a handle on the wide world of wine, along comes another new liquid metric for how cosmopolitan you really are (or aren’t): coffee. 

Love this one! Here’s another.

'If everyday would be a new, I wouldn't have the debts from yesterday.'


Jon Rafman, Auerbach Train, 2013


Jon Rafman, Auerbach Train, 2013

the heavy weight down in my stomach

your eyes that imbibe my organs and everything

in one second leaving a shell

my whole body magnetically drawn to you

How pathetic is this, a love in a moment, that leaves you empty for one whole night.

"If you look at your appearance,

you’ve got your curls from your grandfather,

or your mole on your neck is at the same place your mum had it.

Or you’ve got your father’s way of talking,

crinkling your lips by pronouncing o’s and u’s.

Everybody would tell you that you belong to them.

I have never got to know if I have the hands from my mother or from my father.

Maybe that’s why I don’t understand the matter of being a Christ or a Jew, or what society I am born in. I don’t belong to anybody.” 

I am a rain drop,

enclosing colors, or facets,

honed like a diamond

watch me falling, twirling, graciously

losing weight in a storm, growing with the mass of clouds

powerless as a single, ruthless in many

splashing in your palms, 

I seem as all the others.